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StepItOut Golf Portugal

StepItOut Golf   The Algarve

StepItOut Golf Portugal was the first app we released. It is the perfect practical guide to your golfing holiday whether you want the sunshine of the Algarve, the culture and sights of Lisbon or the food and famous wine of Porto.

It will help you find the courses you want to play, book your green fees, and improve your game.  You get interactive satellite maps, GPS distances, targets and shot trajectories for every course you choose to play.

You can also now avail of StepItOut Golf  The Algarve.  This app is specifically for the Algarve region simply because many of you holiday there so frequently and it is, after all, the biggest golf destination in Portugal.

StepItOut Golf Mallorca

StepItOut Golf   Canarias

Our next destination was the Balearic Islands. Most of the best courses of these islands are in Majorca (Mallorca) and so we named this version StepItOut Golf Mallorca, however, we have not forgotten the smaller islands of Ibiza and Menorca.

Again, we aim to make your golfing holiday as enjoyable as possible and we want you to be able to dedicate more time to playing the game. So, allow the app to take the hassle out of finding the courses you want to play, make it easier to book your green fees and give you all the information you need while out on the fairways.

StepItOut Golf Canarias.  Golfing on courses on the Canary Islands is as varied as the wondrous landscapes they offer.  You may be slicing the ball by the side of a volcano, encountering dunes by the sea or meandering through a lush green landscape. Mostly though, you will have views of the vast and blue Atlantic Ocean and the ever present Mount Teide.  Whichever island you play on, you will breathe in its unique landscape and bask in its sun and atmosphere.

StepItOut Golf Spain

StepItOut Golf Spain. Whichever area you find yourself in Spain (or wish to find yourself), this app encompasses courses in all its regions: The Islands and the mainland itself.  Spain´s many autonomous regions proudly offer us their diverse geography, colour and culture and the golf courses prove just as varied and a joy to play.

Many golfers from colder climes tend to travel to Spain in the winter months to get some warmth and relaxation on the islands or by the mainland´s coast - however, lets not forget there are many more top class golf courses and offerings elsewhere.  E.g.: The lusher Galicia region on the west coast is a viable option all year long - not too hot in the summer nor too cold in the winter;  Enjoy the wine region of Rioja or the famous  cider in Asturias, or it is possible to to simply take a short drive outside of the vibrant city of Madrid.

Whatever your preference, use StepItOut Golf Spain to plan and play.

StepItOut Golf Ireland

StepItOut Golf Ireland. Yes, the links and parklands of Ireland are now mapped, researched and available to you.  Whether your preference is to play links with high dunes set amid salty mists by the sea or if you prefer to meander through the fragrant green lushness of inland parklands, you have some of the world´s best courses on offer  in Ireland. Happily, they are now easily accessible on your iPhone via our app, StepItOut Golf Ireland.

You don´t go to Ireland to `visit´ and have a game of golf, you go to discover, to interact, to have the `craic´, and with this in mind we´ve done a redesign so you have easy access to helpful sites to better plan and experience all on offer throughout the island. Whichever part of the country you find yourself, you now have access to information on local attractions, events, and accommodation. So go, drink in the atmosphere and experience great golf – you´ll be happy you did.

Upcoming Releases

Also in the pipeline is StepItOut Golf Scotland.

All the best from the StepItOut team, we hope you enjoy this wonderful game as much as we do.

About StepItOut Golf Apps

StepItOut Golf is a comprehensive directory of the best golf courses at the best holiday destinations. By providing the pertinent overview and location of each course, this fully integrated app makes it easy to find the course you want to play, visit its website, book a tee time, play the course and share your experiences with your friends via your social media. Everything smooth and easy on one single device.

StepItOut Golf will help you improve your game. When playing a new course this app will give you virtually the same knowledge as the local club members right from the start!


1. Improve your game by having instant access to satellite maps of each hole depicting 'real time' distances to hazards, YOUR chosen targets with shot trajectories and the flag.

2. Find the course you wish to play, then the integrated Sat Nav can guide you you there.

3. Make a booking at your preferred club and/or resort.

4. Seamlessly share your experiences via social media channels.



- When on the golf course, your location is triangulated from the combination of at least 3 GPS satellites and distances are calculated against our database of each individual course, targets and obstacles. As you move around the course, the distances are recalculated automatically and displayed on your device. (See App 'Settings' on how to set your preferred unit of measurement.)

Distances - Preview Mode:

- If you are more than 1000m from the flag, StepItOut Golf assumes you are not on the course and will go to the 'Preview Mode' whereby all distances are calculated from the tee rather than from your current location.


- We have preset targets and shot trajectories on each hole for you but you have absolute control over setting your own; you simply drag and drop the targets to wherever you want. You instantly get the distance to each target, the distance from the target to the flag and the sum of all. You can hide, reset or delete the target lines by simply tapping the 'Hide', 'Reset' & 'Delete' buttons on your screen.

Resetting the Flag:

- By default, the flag is positioned in the centre of the green. However, you can drag and drop the flag pin to its true location on the green and your distances to the flag will be recalculated instantly.

Modify the App's  behaviour on the 'Settings Page' to suit your game.

Auto Transitioning to Next Hole:

- When 'Auto Transition Green' is in the 'on' position, StepItOut Golf will detect when you are on a tee and will automatically transition to the corresponding hole number.

Auto Show Targets:

- When 'Auto Show Targets' is in the 'on' position, StepItOut Golf will show the preconfigured targets on each hole.

Auto Delete Target:

- Select distance within which the current target will be automatically deleted, (50m, 75m or 100m). As you move around the course and reach the selected minimum distance to the current active target, StepItOut Golf will automatically delete this target and show distance and trajectory to the following target or flag.

Player Profile (Tee Preference):

- You can set your tee preference to Black, White, Yellow, Blue, Green or Red. If the chosen tee colour is not available at a given course, StepItOut Golf will default to Yellow.

May every course you play feel like your home course.

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